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Canon DM-XL2 Mini DV Camcorder

Canon DM-XL2 Mini DV CamcorderThis impressive camcorder will capture professional video in quality miniDV. It features an optical zoom of 20x, a 2 inch LCD panel, 108 mm lens focal length and a 72 mm filter diameter. Technologically advanced features include the Optical Image Stabilizer, a sleek Night Shot feature and a low lux of 0.8 Lux.

It comes with an installed microphone that captures audio in… Full Review of Canon DM-XL2 Mini DV Camcorder

Canon GL2 Mini DV Digital Camcorder

Canon GL2 Mini DV Digital CamcorderA fully equipped recording machine would be just a small mediocre description of this amazing device. It records very high quality digital video in Mini DV with 530 lines of resolution. The L-Series Fluorite optical technology gives it expert shooting versatility. Capable of doing 20x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom, you can now record amazing video from a distance. The lens focal length is 84 mm and the filer diameter is 58mm. The recording speed can be either LP or SP and features an image stabilizer. you can also take professional photos from this digital camcorder. Using the digital photo mode you can take high-definition photos from up… Full Review of Canon GL2 Mini DV Digital Camcorder