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Maglite S6D015 6 D Cell Flashlight

S6D015This high intensity flash light is perfect for any type of use. You can easily adjust the flash light for use in indoors or outdoor conditions. It has an adjustable light beam along with a push-button start. The flash light has a durable aluminum casing which creates a shock resistant and water proof surface. The rotary has a self-cleaning switch, making it even more user friendly. It even has a spare lamp, safely secured inside the tail cap, just in case. It is also very affordable since for under $25, you can take home this flashlight… Full Review of Maglite S6D015 6 D Cell Flashlight

Rc Flying Boat 3 In 1

flying boat

You know something is a gadget when it has 3 in 1, right on the box.   It is especially a gadget when it flies, drives, and sails. This RC boat can hit top speeds as it sails down a lake, since it is designed to have air float past it.  The aerodynamics on this RC vehicle are truly amazing since it can both fly and drive in stable conditions.  The boat is built with durable foam and a light weight airframe for an easy lift off, while still having the durability to withstand a crash.  It can even tackle any type of land surface including asphalt, grass, and even concrete.  Don’t worry about having to put anything together either, it comes fully… Full Review of Rc Flying Boat 3 In 1

Contech Scarecrow - Motion Activated Sprinkler Cro 102

Spring is almost here, and odds are, your lawn just got the beating of it’s lifetime from the harsh winter season most of us received. It will take a few months of attention to have that lush green lawn you remember having back on the summer. For the most part, you will have to give it some of your time, to keep it looking alive. After the Winter season, your grass doesn’t grow since most of the dirt is yet to be unfrozen from underground, while the grass and layer of dirt above ground is unfrozen from the Sun rays. To get to the bottom layer of dirt, your grass needs water. This means… Full Review of Contech Scarecrow - Motion Activated Sprinkler Cro 102