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Delphi XpressRC SA10315 XM Radio Receiver with Car Kit

Delphi XpressRC SA10315 XM Radio Receiver with Car Kit

With literally hundreds of satellite radio channels to choose from, there is no possible way that you won’t find a tune you like. Most of the radio stations are commercial free, so you’ll be able to enjoy non-stop music. With a sleek split color screen interface that lets you know what song your listening to and channel your on. While doing so, it even lets you know what’s on on three other radio stations, to make sure you never miss your favorite song.

The unique programming guide is constantly refreshed, to allow you receive up to date information. Setup the device easily to personalize it with your favorite shows, sporting events, songs… Full Review of Delphi XpressRC SA10315 XM Radio Receiver with Car Kit

Apple iPod Touch MP3 Player

Apple iPod touch (8 GB) MAC/PC - MA623LL/A

The 8GB Ipod Touch is everything you could ask for from an Mp3 player. Easily and efficiently play Music, View Photos, Movies and Games on the new Ipod Touch. The touch has a revolutionary, and very bright, 3.5 inch display. The screen can be touched and used for everything from changing the song to scrolling down your list of songs, all with your finger. The touch is famous for its user friendly interface and excellent applications. The touch even allows you to go on the internet via WiFi, view Youtube videos and buy songs from iTunes. With storage for more than 2,000 songs, the touch will easily replace your old mp3… Full Review of Apple iPod Touch MP3 Player

Loc8tor Lite Plus Pack - Made for us Losers

Can you believe that the average American spends 90 minutes a day looking for misplaced items?  Well it’s true, according to a new study from Nielsen Media Research.  Luckily for us, their is a hand held gadget that can save us a bunch of time in our everyday lives.  The new Loc8tor lite is the smaller and more affordable version of the slightly older model, which is the Loc8tor Pack.  You can find the most common of lost items like your keys in your house, the family car in a mammoth of a parking lot, the TV remote in your couch, and your lost cell phone.

People have even come up with more creative ways to put the device to… Full Review of Loc8tor Lite Plus Pack - Made for us Losers