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Apple iPod Shuffle 1 GB MP3 Player

Apple iPod shuffle 1gbThis compact device will store your favorite music for you to listen to whenever you feel like it.  Don’t let this tiny shuffle fool you.  Despite it’s size, it still manages to keep the maximum durability and memory size your looking for in an MP3 player.  So don’t worry about dropping it a few times, it’s last, and it even has a 1 year warranty to assure you that it will.

The 1 GB capacity will give you the ability to store 250 songs in the player.  That’s more than enough to keep all of your favorite songs with you at all times.  Besides MP3, it can also play … Full Review of Apple iPod Shuffle 1 GB MP3 Player

SanDisk Sansa e280 8 GB Digital Media Player

SanDisk Sansa® e280 (8 GB) Digital Media PlayerThis compact MP3 player can hold 2000 of your favorite songs.  You can even add more external memory with a MicroSD Transflash Card.  The e280 plays MP3, WAV… Full Review of SanDisk Sansa e280 8 GB Digital Media Player

Apple iPod Classic Black 80GB Digital Media Player

Apple iPod Classic Black 80GB Digital Media PlayerWith massive amounts of storage and tons of songs to choose from, your song choices are endless.  With the 80GB version, you can store more than 20,000 songs and 100 hours of video. With the 160GB  version, you can store up to 40,000 songs and 200 hours of video.  The compact and durable design delivers an excellent product in the palm of your hands.  The all metal design can withstand a beating and normal everyday wear.  The device is also very light weight and compact, so it can swiftly fit in your pocket or sleeve.  The classic MP3 player is called a masterpiece compared to the old classic.  This media player gives you more memory for… Full Review of Apple iPod Classic Black 80GB Digital Media Player

Apple iPod nano Third Gen Silver 4 GB MP3 Player

Apple iPod nano Third Gen Silver (4 GB, MA978LL/A) Digital Media PlayerEnjoy all your favorite multimedia from the palm of your hand with the newest of the Nano’s. Watch and listen to video podcasts, Tv shows, movies and more with the World’s most popular music player. The super bright, 2 inch back lit LCD screen is a great feature on the nano. The resolution of the display is 320-by-240-pixels, making it really easy to read from the sharp screen.

The screen is might seems small to people who particularly enjoy watching movies, but it’s decent. The sound output is crystal clear, and sounds perfect coming from the Ipod headphones. With skip free playback, virtually all sound formats are playable, including MP3, AAC… Full Review of Apple iPod nano Third Gen Silver 4 GB MP3 Player

Etymotic Research ETY8 Headphones

Etymotic Research ETY8 HeadphonesForget the uncomfortable earphones and the long and tangled headphone cord, and say hello to this new gadget. The Ety8 headphones are wireless bluetooth in-ear phones. The feather light earphones sov many problems that you might be having with your earphones. Each ear phone has its very own digital amplifier packed inside. This enables better sound quality and personal audio capability. The earphones are extremely comfortable and are designed to be that way.

The design features newer technology to drain out other background noises to give you crystal clear sound and is so comfortable, that it makes it feel as if you weren’t wearing anything at all. The blue tooth technology is also very… Full Review of Etymotic Research ETY8 Headphones

The iRiver Clix Gen 2

PhotobucketLooking for an alternative to the stereotypical iPod or Zune? Then the iRiver Clix Gen 2 is your device! This amazingly engineered device offers a stunningly bright, sharp and colorful LCD screen that is much better than the ones in most MP3 players. Its features are also amazing; in this device you will be able to play all types of files from MP3 to WMA for audio and from AVI to WMV for video. Like other devices, too, it also displays pictures, has a built in FM radio, and comes with a few flash-based games.


In addition to its great features, the iRiver Clix Gen 2 offers a perfect compact size. About the size… Full Review of The iRiver Clix Gen 2

Creative Technology Zen

Creative Technology ZenTired of the same old iPod? Want something different, but just as good? The Creative Technology Zen is your answer. It comes in different sizes, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB. With high-end quality features, this player should be in the top of your list. The Zen also store photos and videos as well, just like the iPod.

The Zen offers a 2.5” wide color screen which is sure to make you attracted to it as soon as you see it. It is clear and perfect to watch videos. What’s even better though, is the amazing user interface and the Zen Explorer software which makes the transfer of music is just as easy and simple as any other device.

With features… Full Review of Creative Technology Zen

Apple iPod Touch MP3 Player

Apple iPod touch (8 GB) MAC/PC - MA623LL/A

The 8GB Ipod Touch is everything you could ask for from an Mp3 player. Easily and efficiently play Music, View Photos, Movies and Games on the new Ipod Touch. The touch has a revolutionary, and very bright, 3.5 inch display. The screen can be touched and used for everything from changing the song to scrolling down your list of songs, all with your finger. The touch is famous for its user friendly interface and excellent applications. The touch even allows you to go on the internet via WiFi, view Youtube videos and buy songs from iTunes. With storage for more than 2,000 songs, the touch will easily replace your old mp3… Full Review of Apple iPod Touch MP3 Player