Panasonic PT-AE2000U LCD Projector

“High, 16,000:1 Contrast Ratio and
1,500-Lumen Brightness
Almost all the key components in the opti-
cal system have been renewed to unleash
the beauty of full-HD expression with an
outstanding contrast ratio of 16,000:1 and
brightness of 1,500 lumens.
Carefully Tuned Lens System for
Maximum Full-HD Performance
To assure maximum clarity in full-HD
images, the PT-AE2000U employs a new
full-HD-compatible lens unit comprising 16
lens elements in 12 groups, including two
large-diameter aspherical lenses and two
high-performance ED (extra-low dispersion)
lenses. Each lens is carefully aligned by
highly skilled technicians to assure a uni-
form focusing balance from the center to
the edges of the screen. The resulting high-
quality images are clear and free of distor-
tion and color bleeding.
Next-Generation Full-HD LCD Panels
The new next-generation full-HD LCD panels

use vertically aligned liquid crystal
molecules with inorganic alignment layers.
When no voltage is applied, the molecules
are aligned perpendicular to the glass sub-
strate, so… Full Review of Panasonic PT-AE2000U LCD Projector