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Nokia N95 Smartphone

Nokia N95 SmartphoneThe N95 is a phone that’s everything you want it to be. Although , more than anything else, it’s a smartphone that’s smarter than the rest. While operating on a Symbian operating system, this smartphone has exclusive and unique features that defy the mobile world. Swiftly store all types of media on the 160 MB built in memory. The display is a 24-bit Color TFT LCD that outputs 16.7M brilliant colors. The easy to use keyboard lets you send text messages with ease… Full Review of Nokia N95 Smartphone

The Kyocera Wild Card


Even though clearly not a Blackberry, Virgin’s prepaid Kyocera Wild Card still offers some great features like an easy-to-use messaging system and a QWERT keyboard. At a much reasonable price than a Blackberry, this phone is a great option if your children are asking for a text messaging phone that you know is going to get lost or stolen.


As many claim, this phone’s quality is very low. Its camera is nowhere as good as most other phones and in addition it does not posses a video camera. The navigation controls are poorly designed and its internal screen is small compared to other like phones… Full Review of The Kyocera Wild Card

Firefly Cellular Phone

With the Firefly Cellular Phone is designed for kids from 8 to twelve. It has parental control so the parents can monitor phone calls. It has memory dial so your child can call hone quickly when needed. Includes mobile phone, internal rechargeable li-ion battery, 30 minutes of airtime, mesh pouch, black nylon backpack, and AC adapter. It features: Dedicated emergency call button, Up to 6 hours talk time/205 hours standby, Bilingual LED display, No contract required and it is just cool to look at. Now your child can go in style with safety. ” Even though it can become expensive this is a good quality phone and you can be sure your child has a way to contact whenever needed.”… Full Review of Firefly Cellular Phone