Verizon Phone

Verizon is a leading communications company that is committed to bring state-of-the art technology at a reasonable price. Mobile providers all over the globe view third generation data services (3G), such as video downloads and net surfing as one of the ways to multiply their revenue. Verizon gives the cutting edge technology and the latest in bundled, high speed internet and unlimited local phone service.  Verizon is the first company to offer US video services to mobile phones with data speeds similar to home computers. 

Verizon phone is the cool mobile phone people have been fervently waiting for.  Verizon phones were the first ones in the United States to have a camera.  Some of the features of Verizon phones are: Clear and crisp LCD screens, easy feature dialing, Text messaging and get it now service.  Verizon has just released new service known as VCAST where we can watch streaming video on the cell phone.  The customers can have unlimited entertainment with the luxury of broadband almost anywhere within the VCAST coverage area.  VCAST also enables to enjoy video clips of latest news, sports, entertainment and weather, play dynamic 3D games.

Verizon’s latest Palm Centro smart phone supports the unique and much in demand high-speed data standard.  The main advantage this offers to its users super fast access to the internet and verizon’s multimedia services ranging from 700 kbps to 2 mbps. Palm Centro smart phone Verizon make easy to send and receive emails, instant messages and even view the favorite web content on the phone. This verizon phone acts as a modem for the notebook when it connects using a USB cable and this enables to access the internet or intranet of the company with the help of Bluetooth connection.  Some of the other attractive features of this phone is it acts as an organizer tracking the day-to-day events, calendar, 1.3 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom and built-in mp3 player for music lovers.

Verizon releases the all new Chocolate cell phone.  This has the combined feature of an IPod with the phone facility.  The very basic look of the phone itself says it is going to be one of the most popular cell phones among the other phones of Verizon.  The main feature of this phone is the color screen that flips open indicates clearly that this is not a normal cell phone.  The greatest attraction to the music lovers is that they can download songs over the air through this phone using the VCAST service one of cutting edge technologies of Verizon.  In addition to this Verizon customers can download songs directly from the internet at an affordable price of 99 cents a song.  One of the advantages of the Chocolate cell phone is that the charge in the battery can last for more than 4 to 5 days.  According to Verizon the battery has 3 ½ hours talk time and 16 days of stand by time.  Verizon phone no doubt has attracted large number of customers in USA.

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