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Nikon D80 Digital Camera

Nikon D80 Digital CameraImpress yourself, with your own photography, with this professionally crafted camera.  This camera is an improvised version of the previous award winning Nikon cameras, the D200 and D2X.  With a combination of technology, performance and efficiency, the D80 provides you with excellent shooting abilities, in which no other camera dares to go.  The most important features include the above average 10.75 mega pixel resolution.

The camera is officially a Professional type camera and it also has a weight of 1 and a half pounds.  This assures you that the D80 is packing more than metal parts.  It has superior features such as optical abilities, creative image technologies and handling.  The lenses on the camera are interchangeable and are autofocus enabled. … Full Review of Nikon D80 Digital Camera