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Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Digital Camera

The compact SD870 packs a smooth design and neat performance in to one durable camera.  This camera has 8.3 Megapixels of resolution, which is more than enough to take quality pictures.  There is also a 3.8x optical zoom, to allow you to get a little closer to your subject.  The Autofocus gives you a clearer picture, without having to move a finger.  You can alternate the image and video resolutions of the media you shoot with… Full Review of Canon PowerShot SD870 IS Digital Camera

The Canon EOS 40D Digital Camera

Tough, exceptional, phenomenal…those are all synonyms of Canon’s EOS 40D digital camera. This camera is perfect for the amateur photographer. It provides the photographer with high quality

canon EOS 40Dimages and great features while still being an “easy-to-use” device. Furthermore, its lightweight and “feel” are precise for most users.

A few more detailed features of the camera include its 10.1 megapixels, a large 3 inches LCD display, a long lasting battery life, a 6.5 fps (frame per second) continuous shooting ability. In addition, the LCD display comes with Canon’s innovative Live View and enhanced color views. Overall: an astonishing camera, full of features for the advanced amateur.… Full Review of The Canon EOS 40D Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot SD1000 / Digital IXUS 70 Camera

Canon PowerShot SD1000 / Digital IXUS 70 Digital Camera

If your looking for an affordable camera, then look no further. With high performance at a price that won’t leave you broke, this camera is surely a great choice. With a 7.4 Megapixel resolution and 3x optical zoom, it provides all the standards you need from an ultra compact digital camera. You can also take video with multiple resolutions at 30 frames per second. You can store 43 high resolution images on a 128MB card. It also has a 2.5 inch 230,000 pixel LCD panel, to view your images.

The included… Full Review of Canon PowerShot SD1000 / Digital IXUS 70 Camera

Canon 40D Digital Camera

Canon 40DThe Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR keeps the exact same 35-zone metering sensor as previous models. There are many patterns available such as Evaluative metering, which is linked to all AF points and is automatically set in the Basic Zone modes, Centerweighted average metering, Partial metering, and Spot metering, covering about 9 percent or 3.8 percent of the viewfinder at center, respectively. The camera’s E-TTL II autoflash and 12 exposure control modes (11 AE modes plus manual) are the same as the EOS 30D SLR model. Based consumer research and feedback, Canon has added three Custom exposure modes. As an added convenience, particularly for wireless flash operations, users can adjust the flash settings of the Canon Speedlite 580EX II directly from… Full Review of Canon 40D Digital Camera

Canon A620 Digital Camera

Canon a620 The Canon PowerShot A620 Digital Camera is a proven winner. Together with the Canon A610, the A620 replaced the extremely popular PowerShot A95. This model utalizes a 7-megapixel CCD, and both have a modestly updated body design, use the same 4X zoom lens as that of the Canon G series, and decent a 2-inch LCD. At this point you can get them at a pretty good price. Reviews across the web are favorable and we have found the camera to have excellent quality shots, long battery life, movable viewfinder, easy to use manual settings and take great pictures… Full Review of Canon A620 Digital Camera

Canon S3 Digital Camera

Canon S3 Digital CameraThis is a great affordable camera for point and shoot fans.  The S3 offers you a high resolution, at least for the price, and high zoom.  Considering that most cameras at this price range, don’t have a resolution or zoom as high as this Canon camera, it will fit perfectly in your budget.  It has a 6.2 Megapixel resolution and a sleek 12x zoom.  The camera also brings you advanced technologies to bring you a better picture.  With Image Stabilizer technology, you can take clear images and video, while your camera is moving or being jostled around.

Take video at the optimum speed of 30 frames per second and save your videos in AVI format.  You… Full Review of Canon S3 Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot G9 Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot G9 Digital Camera

The G9 proves to be a point and shoot camera with maximum resolution capabilities. This camera tramples over competition with a mixture of affordability, consistency and quality. Beginning with the 12.4 mega pixel resolution and an optical zoom of 6x, you’ll be surprised at the fact that this is a point and shoot camera. The size is consistent with this claim since, at a weight of under a pound, and only 2 inches in depth, it can be easily stored. It is solidly built with a tough exterior, to withstand being dropped, and normal wear. you can also take video at an average speed of 15 frames per second, in an output format of MPEG. You can take videos… Full Review of Canon PowerShot G9 Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot A570 IS Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot A570 IS Digital CameraThe A570 is a standard point and shoot camera. It has everything you need to shoot in all types of environments. It gives you the perfect picture you were hoping for, every time you use it. The 7.4 mega pixels of resolution are sure to not let you down when trying to take a detailed picture. The 4x optical zoom will make sure you get an up close view of what you can’t see. The focus lens, white balance, ISO Speeds and flash all work on auto. Assuring you, that the camera itself, is adjusting to the environment around you. If you like editing these settings to your own preferences, don’t worry, they also work manually

Canon PowerShot A560 Digital Camera

Canon PowerShot A560 Digital CameraCanon is continuously making quality camera’s affordable for everyone. The A560 is proof in that statement with high end features and a low end price. It has all the standard features including a 7.4 Megapixel resolution, 4x optical zoom and point and shoot capabilities. With Autofocus and an auto adjustable white balance, this is would make a great point and shoot camera.

You can also shoot videos of unlimited lengths in AVI format, at the rate of 30 fps. The white balance can be adjusted to … Full Review of Canon PowerShot A560 Digital Camera

Canon SD850 IS, IXUS 950 Digital Camera

Canon SD850 IS,  IXUS 950 Digital Camera

If your looking for an alterable camera that still retains the quality and has advanced features of for everyday photo capturing, then you have to put the IXUS 950 on your wish list.  With a 8.3 Mega pixel resolution and a 4x optical zoom,  this camera has all the definite standards you need.  View your images, immediately after you take them, from a 2.5 inch 230,000 pixel, LCD display.  The IXUS features many different flash functions including Flash Off, Auto Flash… Full Review of Canon SD850 IS, IXUS 950 Digital Camera