Ringtones for Cell Phones

Cell phones are not cell phones without the necessary ringtones.

 Basically, a ringtone is used to indicate an incoming call. However, today, ringtones have assumed a notion beyond being just a call indicator. The kind of ringtone you choose actually reflects you personality!!! Let’s take a closer look at the many ways in which ringtones are used today.

 Using different kinds of ringtones have become an integral part of cell phone usage. This is because you can assign a ringtone to specific caller and this helps you to identify who is calling just by the sound of the ringtone. In addition to assigning ringtones to contacts, you can also assign them to SMS, MMS and Voice calls.

 Ringtones come in many different varieties. These are Monophonic, Polyphonic and Realtones. Monophonic ringtones was the kind of ringtones available in older cell phones. With advancement in technology, came Polyphonic Ringtones that were richer and deeper in tone. This is because polyphonic tones can play several different sounds at the same time. Today’s polyphonic phones can play four to forty different tones at the same time.  Now, Polyphonic Tones have become highly common. What is hotter than having polyphonic ringtones is RealTones. What are is RealTones? They are actually MP3 sounds that you can take from your songs and any other recordings, even your voice recording or a celebrity voice recording and store in your cell phone, as a ringtone.  As with other types of ringtones, you can assign Realtones to contacts and so on. Using Realtones, gives a much more personalized touch to your cell phone usage, than any other type of ringtone.

 Choose you cell phone model based on the kind of ringtones you would like to have. If you are a very much ringtone person, you will surely go in for a phone that supports Polyphonic Ringtones and Realtones.

 Since ringtones are a reflection of your personality, you need to choose them the right way. Teenagers often have loud ringtones with heavy beats or rock and roll, as this signifies the things they like. Adults are usually seen to choose their ringtones carefully, sometimes opting for very subtle ringtone or opting for ones with qualities that reflects their deeper personality. So, how do you choose the right ringtone?

 Listen to as many ringtones as you can and choose one that best suits your personality or situation. For example, if you find a particular upbeat tone, amidst a hundred that you have heard, very much akin to your personality, try it out.   Let’s take another example. If you are working among a lot of people, set a ringtone depending on the crowd of your working place. One the other hand, if you have a prominent role in your office, you can be sure that everyone will want to know the ringtone that you have. So choose something smart and which reflects an astute personality. 

Getting Ringtones is easy. Just download them from sites on the internet. You can even find sites giving your ringtones for free. If you like someone else’s ringtone so much, you can even copy it, onto your phone.  Those with a lot of musical creativity can create their own ringtone, provided this feature is available in their cell phone.



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