Etymotic Research ETY8 Headphones

Etymotic Research ETY8 HeadphonesForget the uncomfortable earphones and the long and tangled headphone cord, and say hello to this new gadget. The Ety8 headphones are wireless bluetooth in-ear phones. The feather light earphones sov many problems that you might be having with your earphones. Each ear phone has its very own digital amplifier packed inside. This enables better sound quality and personal audio capability. The earphones are extremely comfortable and are designed to be that way.

The design features newer technology to drain out other background noises to give you crystal clear sound and is so comfortable, that it makes it feel as if you weren’t wearing anything at all. The blue tooth technology is also very advanced, it features very energy efficient capabilities, which allows your headphones to be on for 10 complete hours before you have to charge them. It even comes with a 2 year warranty, which is really cool. From a Gadget Addicts perspective, if you are fed up with other types of annoying headphones like me, then it is definitely worth the money to buy yourself these headphones. If you feel like you don’t listen to music enough, then don’t buy them. If you love music, then you really can’t find any better headset then this.

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