3G iPhone

The 3G iPhone from Apple, Inc. is the latest addition to the jewels of its crown. The crux of any class of gadgets in the market today, the Apple, Inc. manufactured iPhone 3G has all the most needed features of a phone and web enabled gadget. It is now possible to browse the web and speak on the phone simultaneously with this gadget. The highly glossy and chocolate bar like appearance is most appealing to perspectives. Reading mails on the move has never been too easy. The 3G iPhone comes with an added GPS system that enables simplified navigation through unfamiliar territory. 

The 3.5 inch large style display is just enough for the most pleasurable viewing experience. The various antennas featured into the iPhone 3G have made the usage of plastic body construction necessary. The 8 GB of storage only foes the needful for keeping a large collection of video and pictures. This size of storage means lots of space for complex applications like word processors, video players and GPS software. The multi touch display is also featured with transflective anti glare technology which works so that a user has higher angles of viewing. The highly sensitive microphone of the iPhone 3G allows for recording and storing audio in many of the popular formats like MP3, AAC, WAV and more. The email support built into the iPhone 3G is compatible with most of the popular email provider formats. Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail are all very well supported. The rich HTML compatible browser built into the system software gives an incomparable web surfing experience. The Safari browser allows for seamless travel on the Internet. It is very fast indeed. The Safari browser built into the iPhone 3G supports the most modern and updated encryption standards and is very safe to use at secure websites for online transactions requiring network security. The mode of operation of the device can be switched from 3G to 2G for optimal battery longevity. The battery standby time lasts for 300 hours approximately while the talk time in 3G mode is 5 hours and in 2G mode it is 10 hours. The Internet usage time lasts for 5 hours on 3G mode and much more with Wi-Fi. The high speed Internet access facility in the iPhone 3G is just enough for larger music and video downloads. Transferring documents fast enough during business interactions would be well facilitated with the iPhone 3G. The touch sensitive screen is luxurious with a software touch keypad consisting of all the major key functions of a normal keypad.

 The frills with the iPhone 3G gadget phone are never ending with the most common online services at hand, literally! Watching your favorite videos on youtube and other major video hosting sites can be very stimulating and comfortable. Downloading and listening or even streaming from the most popular online music delivery systems can become sleight of hand. The black and white only color options for the body of the device are just the very tasteful choices. The touch only mode of input gives an aesthetic simplicity to the look and feel of the device. 

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